Oregon Pacific front cvr Oregon Pacific is a compilation of pieces from two limited-edition chapbooks, The Nature of Gratitude (2002) and Public Access (2004), and a never-released Part 3 called Long Winter. These poems were all written during twenty-plus years of living and loving on the north Oregon coast. Thank you for your support by buying to this collection, a true labor of love.

From the back bookjacket: Oregon Pacific is a book of poems grounded in the dynamic experience of living on the North Oregon coast, replete with storms, salmon, and the search for serenity that often accompanies living near the ocean. While most of the poems are linked via the coastal environment, the larger theme of the collection is reconciliation between our often suppressed feminine, natural, and peace-loving qualities with our more dominant masculine, material and war-faring values. The collection utilizes a variety of traditional forms, including sonnet, sestina, ode, haiku, and villanelle, as well as free verse and loose iambic pentameter. The voices of all the poems aim to be contemporary and accessible, focusing on concrete objects and sensory images to convey ideas.

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Older version of poems for your enjoyment:

Cape Meares Lake

Three Graces

Ode to Oswald West State Park

Storm Watch